Plan 9

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Guy Debord's Game of War / 25 July 2009

Rod Dickinson and Class Wargames
Saturday 25 July, 19:30hrs
Plan 9, Bridewell Street, Bristol

Guy Debord is celebrated as the leader of the Situationist International and author of 'The Society of the Spectacle'. What is much less well known is that Debord devised The Game of War - a military strategy board game..

For Debord, The Game of War wasn't just a game - it was a guide to how people should live their lives within Fordist society. By playing, revolutionary activists could learn how to fight and win against the oppressors of spectacular society.

Come and learn how to play The Game of War at Plan 9. Using an exact hand made pewter replica of Debordís game artist Rod Dickinson and other members of Class Wargames will lead up to 20 players in a participatory game. Along the way they will discuss situationist gaming and other military strategy games.

Class Wargames are Dr. Richard Barbrook, Rod Dickinson, Alex Veness, Ilze Black, Fabian Tompsett, Mark Copplestone and Lucy Blake.

> Part of Summer of Dissent