Plan 9

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Drawn - 6 - 28 August 2005

Simon Webb, William Rounce, Michele Whiting, Rachel Davies, Maxim Peter Griffin, Mark Owen, Rob Leech, Sally Muir, Rachel Nee, Rachel Potts and Sarah Rhys.

Plan 9 presents DRAWN - an action based exploration of the sometimes immediate and often tedious process of drawing and mark-making.

The gallery is dissected by a long and slightly improbable corridor, with enclosed window based spaces either side. The participating artists are shepparded into these spaces, making a spectacle of themselves, their work and their working practices as the viewer watches through the glass. The corridor then allows the viewer to slip un-noticed between the main action, and to be drawn into a more intimate experience at the corridors end.

The artists will be on view for the entirety of the exhibition, their artist output increasing throughout the shows duration. Leaving their mark on Plan 9 as they occupy and transform the gallery space by responding to both site and situation.

DRAWN will feature a wide range of drawing processes and materials including drumming to music, projection, anti-slip tape drawings, postal drawings, video, whiteboard, forensic drawing and sign-writing.